SCITEK Engine Facility

Instrumentation test engines

SCITEK is currently establishing a facility for launch in January 2021 to include a number of engines that are independent of OEMs.

Types of engines

  • Turbo jet,
  • helicopter and
  • APU Gas Turbines .

The aim is to establish a facility with a number of engines to suit different budgets. For example, engines can be used where the running costs are appropriate to suit the customer requirements.


Use of small engines to be carried out at SCITEKs in house facilities in Derby. The larger engines will be housed off site (location to be confirmed).

Who the facility will be offered to:

  • Sensor manufacturers
  • Engine OEMs
  • Universities that are looking to utilise the engines to validate some of the work they are doing
  • Students and Graduates – SCITEK intends to introduce a gas turbine familiarisation course

Type of modifications to engines

  • Temperature probes
  • Emission probes
  • Optical probes
  • Pressure probes
  • Tip-timing
  • Tip-clearnace
  • Accelerometer
  • Strain gauges
  • New combustion chamber
  • On pylon signal conditioning

Type of running to be considered

  • Simulation of flight cycle: for cyclic tests of sensors and for emission tests
  • Endurance testing
  • Engine health monitoring: faults can be inserted onto components
  • Tests under different environments: spray of water based solutions into intake
  • Model validation: for validating mathematical models under realistic operating conditions
  • New engine control algorithms
  • Monitoring engine performance under adverse intake environments

Further information 

SCITEK are happy to discuss individual requirements with interested parties. Please contact us now on or 01332 365 652. We also welcome any feedback, and would be interested to hear any alternative proposed uses for the facility.