SCITEK Gas Turbine Engine

Research & Development Services

Expert Engineers in bespoke test rig design & manufacture since 1997

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Combining Expertise, Innovation and Passion

Helping our clients achieve industry innovations through our bespoke testing services

Engineering Consultant

Test Services for Renewables and Future Fuels

Helping our customers pave the way towards smarter power

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We are an experienced and dynamic team who can deliver complete turnkey engineering solutions to meet specific client needs. We are experienced in collaborative R&D programmes and offer a link between academic partners and industry.

Enclosed 42U Electrical Cabinet

Test Rig Design and Manufacture

We can provide complete turnkey solutions covering design, manufacture, electrical design, instrumentation, control, data acquisition, safety and CE marking.  Example test rigs we have worked on include:

  • Spray rigs
  • Spinning rigs
  • Fuel rigs
  • Combustion rigs
  • Vibration and destructive testing
  • Flow test rigs
  • Imaging rigs
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Engineering Ideas to Practical Solutions

Expert engineering solutions from idea to implementation. Turnkey services for design, machinery, testing, and optimisation.

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SCITEK Honeywell Engines

Test Facilities

SCITEK runs a number of dedicated test facilities in-house.

  • Spray characterisation
  • Airflow measurements
  • Wear rig
  • Vibration testing
  • Airjet exciter
  • Gas turbine engine test facility
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electrical panel

Control Systems & Instrumentation

Flexible control systems & instrumentation for research and development:

  • Computer/PLC automation of industrial systems
  • Safety related control systems/design
  • High speed data acquisition systems
  • In house Electrical hardware design
  • Instrumentation and data logging systems
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Imaging Rig

Image Analysis

Gain insight with advanced vision-based solutions

  • Computer vision
  • Feature recognition
  • 3D scanning
  • Flow viz analysis
  • Advanced Image Processing
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Clutch Design

Engineering Design & Simulation

SCITEK provides a comprehensive engineering design service, with expertise in the following areas:

  • FEA
  • Rotor Dynamics
  • Thermal Modelling
  • 3D CAD
  • Dynamic Modelling
  • P&IDs
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spray characterisation

Fluid Mechanics

Expertise in all Flow Measurement and Flow Modelling techniques including CFD, Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) and Sprays.

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Renewables & Future Fuels

Low-carbon power is increasingly becoming a priority for many of our customers, and at SCITEK, we are keen to get involved by providing R&D services which can help towards the achievement of a greener future.

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Renewable Energy

Hydrogen projects

Aero-Engine Test Bed

Emissions testing Synthetic Kerosene Tests – high TRL Use of Hydrogen

Small Modular Reactors

An area we are keen to be involved with


SCITEK has extensive experience of experimental fluid dynamics and of all the major laser diagnostic techniques, particularly in demanding and hostile environments. Where commercially available hardware was not found to be suitable for producing the best possible results, SCITEK developed its own.

Seeding Generators

Our industry leading liquid and powder seeding systems are for use in flows where optical instrumentation is used to measure flow velocity. We have also produced custom seeders for large wind tunnels and for tow tanks.

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Spray Image

Spray Cone Angle Measurement System

Imaging device for measuring spray cone angle of spray nozzles.

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LDA Alignment Tool

LDA Alignment Tool

Imaging tool for aligning laser anemometers during setup

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About Us

SCITEK Consultants Ltd. is an engineering consultancy specialising in the design & manufacture of bespoke test rigs. The diverse range of engineering disciplines in which SCITEK excels is borne from years of experience in research & development in industry and in academia.

We maintain a flexible and multi-skilled organisation that can react quickly to the needs of our customers.

No two projects the same

We do not shy away from complex, never been done before projects – this is what SCITEK is all

SCITEK Manufacturing

Highly-skilled Problem Solving Engineers

Highly skilled staff – hired for their problem-solving mindset – with expertise across a wide range of specialisms.

Long History

Founded in 1997, we have picked up considerable experience along the way.


Find out below about some of the different sectors we serve.



At SCITEK we are able to develop a large range of test rigs for Aero Engine Manufacturers to use in the development of their Engines. From emission systems to fuel rigs, spray rigs, combustor test rigs, end of life component inspection and many more.

SCITEK also has an in-house Aero Engine test bed which we can run for clients to assess synthetic aviation fuels, alternative ways of reducing emissions, and gaining a better understanding of emissions from new fuels.

Power Generation

Power Generation

We can develop test rigs for the Power Generation industry such as to carry out safety studies on the use of renewable fuel mixtures. At SCITEK, we are also interested in providing test rigs for the development of Small Modular Reactors (SMR).



We work with Automotive clients to develop compact turbo machinery engines which drive generators to charge batteries on electric vehicles in order to extend their range.  More recently, we developed a test rig for a client to study the release of hydrogen from automotive fuel tanks.



Our test rigs and services are also relevant to the pharmaceuticals industry. We have helped previous customers improve deodorant aerosol designs by mapping sprays.



We have worked with leading universities in the UK and have designed and manufactured test rigs that help them in their research and the services they provide to industry. Examples include a thermal management test rig, a turbine and compressor test rig, emission systems and teaching tools for the National Flying Laboratory Centre.