NEWAC is an Integrated Project co-funded by the European Commission within the Sixth Framework Program, with global air traffic forecast to grow an an average annual rate of around 5% over the next 20 years, the NEWAC project aims to reduce CO2 and NOx emissions through the development of new engine core configurations with heat management, active systems and advanced component technology.


Previous technology programmes have already identified concepts and technologies to achieve the ambitious environmental targets set by ACARE. Innovative core configurations will be developed and validated under the NEWAC programme to strongly reduce CO2 and NOX emis- sions. These concepts will use heat management (intercooler, cooling air cooler, recuperator), improved combustion, active systems and improved core components. NEWAC will design and manufacture these innovative components and perform model, rig and core tests to validate the critical technologies. 40 partners from the European leading engine industry, the engine industry supply chain, key European research institutes and SMEs with specific expertise will jointly develop new aero engine core technology under the €71M programme of which €40M are funded by the EC.