The Dream Project is one of the European Projects with which SCITEK work in partnership, led by Rolls-Royce, it is composed of 44 partners from 13 countries, providing the best expertise and capability from the EU aeronautics industry and Russia.

The DREAM project is the response of the engine community to commercial and environmental pressures that have come about mainly as a result of two main factors, the political pressure to reduce CO2 having increased considerably since the publication of the ACARE goals and the increased cost of Jet A-1 fuel.


SCITEK Consultants provides Research and development services with expertise in thermo-fluids test and measurement, rig design and manufacture, and in Instrumentation and software. We also have in house manufacturing capability and our customer base includes the Aerospace, Fuel-Cell and Automotive industries.

We offer CFD, CAD, FEA, Frequency and Dynamic analysis services as well as producing bespoke instruments for various applications including vibration and combustion studies. WE also own and run a research gas turbine engine (Rolls-Royce Viper 201) which so far has been used in the development and testing of prototype sensors.  SCITEK Consultants has 12 members of staff, the majority of whom have an Aerospace R&D background. Our offices are based in Derby UK.

SCITEK and Dream

In Dream Project Package 2.3 two pylon designs will be installed on the open rotor rig to study the generation of noise and employ schemes that will potentially reduce noise to the uninstalled levels. Our involvement will be to design, make and instrument these pylons and to ensure their compatibility at the ARA and DNW wind tunnels. We are also involved in package 2.3 in the design and manufacture of a pitch control rig that will be used to evaluate the actuation system, rotor sensing technology, and the open rotor control laws.


Taking part in DREAM will broaden our knowledge and experience in the design and manufacture of R&D rigs and in instrumentation and testing. It also gives us a unique opportunity to work in a stimulating international environment.

The benefits from DREAM are in know-how, and it also acts as a catalyst for expansion by providing us with greater visibility within the aerospace industry.