Sam Mason

I completed a PhD at the Cambridge University Whittle Laboratory in 2006 on thermoacoustic pressure-gain combustors for gas turbines. I then began a fourteen year career at Rolls-Royce in which I held various roles with a general focus on turbomachinery aerodynamics, functional design of aerothermal systems and novel thermodynamic cycles. On secondment to Bangalore I led the creation of a new aerothermal capability with line responsibility for 35+ engineers. I have tried to stay at the cutting edge of aerothermal research and most enjoy working at the interface between industry and academia. I have worked closely with many world-leading research groups either as a researcher myself or as a technical programme lead.

At SCITEK I enjoy working with customers to agree requirements and scoping out preliminary technical solutions. Whilst my background is heavily biased towards aerothermal technologies I am also learning new skills such as 3D-imaging and vibration management.

Outside of work I try to get outdoors as much as possible, either riding my bike, running with my dog or playing with my daughter.