Marios Christodoulou

I graduated from Manchester University in 1980 with a first class honours degree in Mechanical engineering. I gained my PhD in Oil spillage recovery devices which have been patented world-wide and sold commercially for the last 30 years. I worked as a post-doctoral research associate to develop a Phase Doppler particle sizing system and designed and built a pressurised water reactor rig which was used for loss of coolant accident studies.

I spent seven years working at Rolls-Royce plc in the Advanced Research Laboratory on a number of projects in fluid mechanics, fuel sprays, and computational intelligence techniques. After RR, I worked as the IT and R&D manager of a motorcycle component company and gained experience in the financial running of a business. I founded SCITEK Consultants Ltd in 1997.

As Managing Director of SCITEK, my day to day role sees me writing technical proposals for new projects, and continually looking to improve the efficiency and operation of SCITEK.

Outside of work, I am a keen photographer and enjoy building model airplanes and helicopters. I also enjoy skiing, and playing football and tennis.