Female cad engineer manufacturing industrial product.

OBJ to 3D PDF Conversion Tool

Why convert to 3D PDF? Simply, to make it easy to share and view with everyone. It removes a barrier […]

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Isometric Smart Industry platform two workers

Imaging & Photogrammetry Technology

Unique Challenges and Solutions These projects represent some of our most innovative endeavours, each requiring bespoke systems development. The use […]

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Blender Software Image

Applying Animation Software Blender in Engineering

About the Project What is Blender? Blender is an open-source graphics and animations software used in many animated films and […]

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Shell Reconstruction Photogrammetry

Photogrammetry for the capture of 3D models

About the Project Photogrammetry is the science of making measurements of an object using a number of 2D images which […]

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SCITEK writes bespoke software for Cranfield University’s new Flying Classroom

About the software solution The software brings together the live readings from more than 70 sensors installed on the customised […]

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PMA Test Rig

Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA) Test Rig

The Solution The rig interface operability is designed to be suitable for ease of use, with added functionality/access to interrogate […]

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SCITEK probe used for fuel air ratio studies in combustion chambers

The Solution A tool that is easy to use to measure the air fuel ratio in an individual combustor offers […]

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CAD Fuel Rig

Aeroengine Fuel Control Test Rig

Requirements The rig needed to be capable of testing fuel systems ranging from those used on small business jets to […]

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Water Cooled Probe CFD

Hot Gas Emissions Probe

The Solution A CFD optimised, water cooled probe with thermal barrier coating made from Stainless steel. SCITEK designed, analysed and […]

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piston seal rig cad

Piston Seal Test Rig

The Solution SCITEK Consultants Ltd. designed, manufactured and commissioned a robust mechanical test rig that was capable of reproducing application […]

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Wind tunnel Seeder

SCITEK wind tunnel Seeder reduces time & cost in aerospace wind tunnels

The Solution The SCITEK system solves these problems by making use of larger particles (1 to 6 microns) using high-pressure […]

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